– Task Module

Task management control module for designated farm operations

This module allows a registration of tasks per worker according to any category, sub-type and location in order to account for their time. It’s also possible to create reports per farm, team or even according to a specific task category in order to understand which tasks are more time consuming.

Web Platform

  • Configuration of all inherent specifications related to the company’s field of work (main activities and their subdivisions, campaigns, types of fruit, boxes, distribution, workers, etc.);
  • Query workflow and task information in real-time;
  • Ratio display by campaign, farm, fruit type, team leader, team, employee, etc.;
  • Prize award calculation through custom formulas, types of crop, distribution objectives, quantity / time ratio;
  • Export any report in various formats (PDF, CSV).

Mobile Platform

  • Workflow and team management queries;
  • Start, create and manage tasks or harvests, and pause;
  • Worker allocation according to designated tasks;
  • Add quantities through to their respective harvesting specificity (ex: subdivision number, type of fruit, employee, distribution type, harvest quantity / time);
  • Harvest distribution and quantity / time display;
  • Query data per employee / team;
  • Summary of all harvest activity;
  • Register harvest quantities while in offline mode.

- Implementation Method