– Harvesting Module

Real-time harvest productivity control module

This module allows you record, control and consult any necessary harvesting information in real-time. Additionally, it also allows you to organize your harvest teams, measure their productivity and award prizes according to any established factors. With this module you are not only able to optimize processes, but also generate higher efficiency gains.

Web Platform

  • Configuration of all inherent specifications related to the company’s field of work (main activities and their subdivisions, campaigns, types of fruit, boxes, distribution, workers, etc.);
  • Query workflow and task information in real-time;
  • Ratio display by campaign, farm, fruit type, team leader, team, employee, etc;
  • Prize award calculation through custom formulas, types of crop, distribution objectives, quantity / time ratio;
  • Export any report in various formats (PDF, CSV).

Mobile Platform

  • Workflow and team management queries;
  • Start, create and manage tasks or harvests, and pause;
  • Worker allocation according to designated tasks;
  • Add quantities through to their respective harvesting specificity (ex: subdivision number, type of fruit, employee, distribution type, harvest quantity / time);
  • Harvest distribution and quantity / time display;
  • Query data per employee / team;
  • Summary of all harvest activity;
  • Register harvest quantities while in offline mode.

- Implementation Method