– About the Solution

What is ManageCrop?

ManageCrop offers integrated web and mobile technology solutions that help supervisors and managers to optimize the productivity of their operational work field through information in real-time.

Based on the experience of our clients, the added values of using the ManageCrop system are:

  • Detailed information accessible in real-time through the online platform;
  • Detailed and centralized production campaign management divided according to each holding and their respective subdivisions (sectors, greenhouses, bays, tunnels, lines);
  • Workflow planning for each designated team and their respective team leaders;
  • Detailed information regarding the worker’s performance and the possibility of rewarding their productivity, enabling this way also the possibility of relocating them in crops where they are more productive.
  • Information regarding which tasks consume more company resources;
  • Cross-information functionality for multiple reports in order to achieve better management decisions.

ManageCrop was born out of a need by Hubel, one of the largest Portuguese business groups in the agricultural industry. Hubel felt it was necessary to replace the work that was still done through paper and spreadsheets with real-time information mobile applications, NFC chip-cards and dashboards.

Dengun was made in charge of developing this solution, and given it’s success, this has even been presented in a Vodafone showcase as a mobile innovation. See Hubel’s Youtube testimony

Dengun started its activity in 2006. It’s main office is located in Faro, Portugal and it has representation in both Netherlands and Belgium. It consists of a team of about 50 professionals who specialize in the areas of backend, frontend and mobile programming, system administration, design, and digital marketing.
Dengun’s success stems from its true professional partnership approach towards its customers. Its processes and work methodologies have resulted in the joint success between Dengun and its more than 500 clients.
Its acquired experience is the result of all different projects and clients throughout this time. Additionally, Dengun constantly seeks to expand their knowledge and day-to-day to experience, as there is always room for improvement.